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UST Faculty of Medicine & Surgery
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Mission Statement
          The Faculty of Medicine & Surgery of the Royal & Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, commits itself to the pursuit of excellence in medical education, scientific research and community service, guided by Christian ethics and values.
The school affirms its task in the development and formation of competent & compassionate Thomasian physicians who are committed to health care delivery of global standards & in accord with the needs & goals of the nation.
Vision Statement
          By the year 2011, the fourth centenary of the University, the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery envisions itself as the premiere Catholic medical school in Asia and shall have achieved the following:
1. The undisputed Center of Excellence in medical education
- with a distinct Thomasian medical curriculum that balances traditional & innovative approaches that instill lifelong self-directed learning discipline.
- with a passing rate in the licensure examinations not lower than 95% and with not less than six slots in the top ten positions
- with excellent credentials of the faculty, 30% of which are MS holders, 10% are Ph.D. holders, 100% are fellows or diplomates of their specialty, & 10% have education credentials
- with a state of the art Medical Informatics Center with extensive IT infrastructure & offering web-enhanced courses
with a dynamic continuing medical education program offering quality postgraduate courses in every field of specialty, including Bioethics
- with trend-setting postgraduate programs in basic & clinical sciences, Bioethics & Medical Education, leading to Masteral / Ph.D. degrees
- with linkages with leading medical schools abroad for exchange of faculty & students & for collaborative works
2.2. A Center of research in medicine
- with a research output of no less than 30/year published in prestigious journals
- with the Santo Tomas Journal of Medicine accredited by the Institute for Scientific Information & listed in the Index Medicus.
3. A leader in community/extension services
- with a course in Public Health using community outreach programs as the venue and laboratory.
- with enlightened faculty & studentry devoted to the needy & marginalized populace, through a more expanded community outreach program in cooperation with the UST Medical Missions, Inc. & other non-governmental organizations, providing health care to no less than 1000 families on a regular basis & no less than 10,000 patients in its visiting missions.



Gonzaga, Ma. Graciela G.

Fr. Cabading, Winston F. OP


Gan, Emelita A.
Assistant Dean


Dakis, Imelda A.
Faculty Secretary


Belmonte, Alfred H.
Director, Clinical Clerkship Program


Moral, Patrick Gerard L.
Director, Continuing Medical Education


Regal, Mary Agnes S.
Director, Research Center for Health Sciences


Baroque II, Alejandro C.
Director, Medical Informatics Center